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CarbonBlock ---- Drinking Water for better health

The whole world is struggling to know which type of water Filter is the best because the market is full of so many different types. Each one claims to have some widely impressive additional health benefits. However, which of these claims are true and which are simply no more than clever advertisers stretching the truth to sell more products? This home page will help you identify the main types of Water Filters available today and tell you what the real health benefits are based on scientific evidence and research data.

  • Tap Water
  • Bottled Water
  • Soft Water
  • Reverse Osmosis Water
  • Hydrogen Water
  • Alkaline Water
  • Boiled Water
  • Organics in Water
  • Heavy Metals in Water
  • Biological Problems in Water
  • Magnesium in Water

Tap Water vs Bottled Water

Many reason’s to Drink Tap Water, the first reason is, it’s much safer than the bottled water.

National Resources Defense Council of an environmental group, tested 100.000 bottles of water from 1000 different brands and found that all of them were over the allowable limits for synthetic organic chemicals, micro plastics, bacteria and heavy metals like Lead and Arsenic. “Micro-organisms grow to higher levels in all bottled water.” Food Safety News reports that till Oct 2018, more than 200 different brands of bottled water had to be recalled because of contaminants with E. Coli bacteria. Fresh filtered water is definitely far greener and better than bottled water.

    Carbonblock- TS will : - Filter your water
  • Will remove bad taste and smell
  • With many more benefits

Q  Why Carbonblock-TS is one of the best things you buy?

Answer The Question
Because 90% of all bottled water in the world is tap water

One Carbonblock-TS filter: For Example, last up to six months and removes 99 percent of Heavy metals and other unhealthy impurities for “Glass after Glass” of refreshing water straight from your Point Of Use (POU) faucet with improved taste and quality.

    Water at faucet benefits:
  • Delicious, clear, healthier drinking water
  • Better- tasting beverages- Coffee, Tea, Juices and drinks of all kinds
  • Use for food preparation, improving the taste of fruits and vegetables
  • High Quality water for cooking
  • Better water quality water for mixing baby formula and cereal
  • Provides wonderful delicious water, right at your
    • Kitchen
    • Bathroom Sink
    • Shower heads
  • Costs much less than tap filled bottled water.
  • 10 inch filter replacement every six months. (POU)
  • 20 inch filter replacement every one year. (POU)
  • Big Blue 10 inch and 20 inch for Point of Entry.

The formulation of the Watch Water Carbonblock-TS includes a unique developed Titanbsorb- P adsorption media that is belnded with the Powdered Activated Carbon, providing the reduction of Heavy Metals and Volatile organic compounds see List of chemicals.

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Carbonblock –TS as POU (Point-Of-Use) attached to your tap – can give you clean, fresh, delicious and healthier drinking water for only 0.3 euro cents per liter.